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Abstract Paintings by Jane Gates

COVID -19 Home Page (right here). Double click on painting to enlarge.

On this first page is an image of six, 6" x 6" tiny paintings hanging together. It is the beginning of my new installation series. During COVID-19 I've been dealing with another illness that has slowed me down considerably. Hopefully I will get well enough to fill a room with these tiny paintings, if I can get enough help. These paintings use the act of painting to ease my PTSD which is emphasized now in my life and in the lives of others. They are an extension of my "Summer Singing Sirens" series made with thick fluid smooth paint, lots of action and blots of brightly colored shapes. There is flickering eye movement too between the shapes. Both the eye movement and the physical action I use is similar to a treatment used by psychologists to calm anxiety/trauma called EMDR. My goal is also to create a smooth thick tactile surface. The surface can be used for touch therapy and ultimately has the ability to calm anxiety. Hopefully I can reach out to people with PTSD or anxiety and be an instrument for their healing. This work has the potential to help many people during this critical time. Please click the word NEXT below the image to see close ups.
Magenta and Green Beauty
Magenta and Green Beauty
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A Lifetime of Friends: A Painting Collaboration For Healing, A Fundraiser Project